'Cause you can shake it, shake it, shake it,

yeah, you know what to do

You’re a hot mess

I’m loving it, Hell yes!

Gonna..make this the askblog’s icon..gOD I JUST LIKE DRAWING FEMALE!ONCIE OKAY. I like drawing regular oncie too but uh!? 


(✿´▽`✿) Yeeaahh! Doone! This is for my female!Once-ler ask blog that I’m..gonna try and run properly.. ahahaha. This one isn’t very diff. from the one on the ask blog or my dA, only real difference is that I hid the “Ask The Once-lette” layer.



This is the most BEAUTIFUL place..okay..I have ever seen.

I was going to use this for the askblog but then I decided I wanted to do something dynamic, making this silly stand-around pose useless. 

Welp. Mostly putting together designs for reference, and just doodles of scenes and stuff, what with me wanting to be crazy and make an ask fem!oncie blog. I was gonna add in old!oncie as a chick but..I really could not figure out how to work that crazy frizzy mustache/beard into an old-lady-worthy hairstyle. 

(That and I ran out of space, but sshh.)

Click-through for the deviantArt version. 

Kay, I might have gotten this out of my system? Who knows. Either way, I need to do group stuff, so I can’t draw him forever, LOL.;; ;7;

herp. \o\ Thanks for helpin’ me pick the dress style. noidon’tplanoncosplayingthiswhatareyoutalkingaboutshhhuiwhgiu.

Fem!Once-ler/Once-lette and Once-ler. I kind of think Once-lette would be pretty tall too, but not as tall as the Once-ler? :O   

Anyways, They messed up big time. v ___ v 

Dress inspired/based off of starcrossedeverdeen’s female!GreenSuit Once-ler outfit. (✿´▽`✿)

No glasses ‘cause I’m not good at drawing glasses.