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I found out I can do zodiac symbols on the engraving machine at work, so I’m doing a Homestuck giveaway! 

The Prize: Aluminum dog tag with stainless steel chain, engraved with the Libra symbol and Terezi’s Trollian handle. In the future, I will do giveaways with empty tags, and you can choose which symbol and name you want, but this was my prototype, and now it’s up for grabs! It’s worth about $40 Canadian, I worked out, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

The Rules: You can reblog once per day, and I’ll enter your name in the draw once for each reblog. In a week (Saturday the 24th) I’ll do the draw, post the winner, and send the piece out in the mail the next week. It’s a short length of time, I know, but this is mostly a test to see how much interest there is. Anyone can reblog; I will send this anywhere!

Have fun guys!

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I guess this means it’s GIVE AWAY TIME.

I know I said I was going to start it when I reached 1500 but I think 1450 is close enough. I just really really want to do this, ahhh!


  • One (1) tee-shirt custom made in your preferred size and style, based on ANY OF MY DESIGNS (Yes, even the Tobuscus and Midnight Crew ones!)
  • If you are interested in the “Bless Your Face” design, please consider purchasing it officially instead.
  • There will only be ONE WINNER.
  • Please note that the PROSPIT AND DERSE designs pictured are only available in women’s sizes. The rest are free reign!
  • No, none of my designs are or ever will be for sale!!! I have been asked by What Pumpkin not to sell them. This is your only chance!

Rules for the give away!

  • You MUST BE FOLLOWING ME (geromytime.tumblr.com). I know it comes off as conceited but I really want this shirt to go to someone who really wants it and that’s just a bit of extra effort!
  • You may reblog only once a day. I would love to make it free reign but I know first hand how horrible it is to have a dashboard covered in giveaways.
  • Likes do not count as an entry.

This give away will be ending on The Ides of March. For you non-Shakespearean folk, that’s March 15th 2012 @ 11:59 PM PST.

GOOD LUCK. And if you have any questions or concerns drop by my ask box.

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Note: This is a redo. I sincerely apologize to those who entered before, since I did not realize that deleting my old blog would also delete the notes. To make up for it, I have raised it from $50 to $60.

Guys, when I first started this RP blog, I wasn’t expecting even 10 followers. But I got to OVER 400!!!!!!!!

You have no idea how much I appreci8 you all, and to show you guys how much I FUCKING LOVE YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE, I’m going to be giving away the following:

$60 worth of merchandise from:


I’m serious! I love you guys this much!

To be entered, here’s what ya gotta do;

  • If you are one of my current 54 followers, you may reblog this post An unlimited time!!!!!!!!
  • If you are NOT one of my current followers, you may reblog this post up to 7 times and like it, giving you 8 entries!

Now, should you win, these are the conditions:

  • You should feel comfortable giving me your address so I can send the items straight to you!
  • Have your ask box open so I can tell you that you’ve won!
  • You may mix and match from websites! This means that you COULD get one thing from each site if you’re savvy enough. :::;)
  • If the total of your items exceeds $60 by around $8 or less, that is fine!
  • If you reblog more than the allowed limit, you will be disqualified. Sorry!
  • You do not have to follow me! This IS a roleplaying blog and I’m sure some of you won’t be too keen on it!

I’m not sure how else to go about this since it’s my first time, but if you have A N Y questions at all, please feel free to ping me an ask, alright?

This is going to end on March 1st, 2012.

Good luck you guys, I love you all!

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Finally decided to host one of these of my own since I never win them anyway :’D


Your very own pair of troll horns and/or a t-shirt for the character of your choice~

This includes:

  • Horns for any of the trolls handmade by me (possibly Ancestors too if I’m feeling up to it)
  • Shirts for any of the trolls hand-painted by me (I may do kids as well, but the thought of painting that slime ghost scares me)

I take the time and effort to make sure my horns and shirts are of the nicest quality. If I wouldn’t wear it, I wouldn’t give it to anyone else.


  • You don’t have to, but you can follow my blog at germansparkleparty.tumblr.com. It’s not required and not following me would not mess with your chances of winning at all, but it’d be nice.
  • Reblog this post! Though don’t reblog as may times as you can; I really don’t like it when I have to scroll through the same damn post over and over and I don’t think your own followers will like it either.
  • You don’t have to like the post; this will not increase your chances.
  • The contest will end on 11/11/11, though I may extend it depending on how many have entered.
  • 3 winners will be chosen at random. Yes, 3 winners. So your chances of winning are increased~
  • Winners must specify if they want horns or a shirt. I may have a first place winner who will get both a shirt and horns, but I haven’t decided yet.
  • You MUST have your ask box open so that I may contact you. If you don’t reply within a 24 hour period, I will pick another winner.
  • I’m willing to ship anywhere~

Good luck to everyone~ :D