▶ Homestuck Giveaway!



I found out I can do zodiac symbols on the engraving machine at work, so I’m doing a Homestuck giveaway! 

The Prize: Aluminum dog tag with stainless steel chain, engraved with the Libra symbol and Terezi’s Trollian handle. In the future, I will do giveaways with empty tags, and you can choose which symbol and name you want, but this was my prototype, and now it’s up for grabs! It’s worth about $40 Canadian, I worked out, and I’m pretty pleased with it.

The Rules: You can reblog once per day, and I’ll enter your name in the draw once for each reblog. In a week (Saturday the 24th) I’ll do the draw, post the winner, and send the piece out in the mail the next week. It’s a short length of time, I know, but this is mostly a test to see how much interest there is. Anyone can reblog; I will send this anywhere!

Have fun guys!

oh my gosh this is so cool