turns out I was already redoing/making this better so im. gonna continue that. eventually. yeah.

Look at all this old stuff I found!! It’s like all from 2013, I think, but I never uploaded it even though I thought I did. For the top and bottom pics I guess I never uploaded bc I wanted to finish it before I uploaded it lmao.

Top pic: 

Family section: Karena - Sachi, Victor - Ky, Elizabeth - Tsu

Coworker: Itzal, Amets - Dragon

Acquaintances: Raven - Jessi, Ana Marie - Ruin/Crystia

bottom pic also has itzal, victor, karena, and liz \o/

even more draws


Painting for animation class. We’re making a cel, but i havent finished it completely yet.(as you can see from the second picture.)

i didnt know how to pen pressure in this one

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lmao i…i didnt wannt to do more than 12 frames bc wasting  pAPER

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