Don’t touch me baby, why are you doing this
Don’t tell me baby, please let go of me
I will remember the love you once gave me
So just go on your way
And I will go on my way
Don’t ask me baby

(You are you and I am me
A miserable ending is before my eyes
You’re too much, in the end
We’ve become worse than strangers)

In your bright and electrifying eyes that come to me
Our good times, bad times, good bye

It’s over now, you’re not for me
I am not your girl
You’ll know what I mean after time passes
Good bye my Love

..I was listening to this song and was like. AU where sy/y never get back together and just lmao no bye.

how long has it been since I’ve drawn her??? (Apparently 3 years)

"You’re becoming just like your mother…"

wip upon wip upon wip

wip of a bigger pic

my dad wanted me to draw him something so i’m drawing ocs


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cutest nosy neighbor

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kpop dances are good pose practice even though


you probably won’t use any of the poses….

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I’m sorry for all the doodles….

momo momo momo